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The International Council meets annually, usually alternating between the U.K. and an overseas location.

The 2015 I.C. Meeting was held in London in October. The 2016 meeting wil be in Georgia.

Recent meetings were:
Genoa (2014)
London 2013
Istanbul 2012 (n conjunction with the World Members' Conference)
Philadelphia 2011
Tirana 2010
London 2009
Edinburgh 2008 (in conjunction with the World members' Conference)
Tokyo 2007
London 2006

The Chairmanship rotates between the U.K. and the United States every twe years.

The Presidency is for a two-year term and a new President is elected by the Council from a member country other than England & Wales and the USA. The President for 2015/2017 is Lucia Dumont (ESU France) succeeding Marina Tsitsishvili of Georgia.

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